The Magic of Jamming

My first Jam session changed my life. When the jam session finished three of the lads I was playing with asked me to form a band with them. We did and I have  been playing music since. There was no Jam bands then but there is now. Jam Band– the clue is in the name. To jam means to have fun playing music and to connect with other musicians.
Jamming with like-minded musicians is fun, however jamming with musicians from different backgrounds and styles of music is a totally new experience. Many young people in Mayo  have already had this experience simply by attending a Jam bands session.
 You will experience hearing and playing different styles of music ie. Jazz, funk, rock, trad, contemporary  and no matter what your skill level is there is a space for you to get playing. WE have Drums, Guitars, keyboards, Pa systems all the equipment you will need and experienced talented local musicians to help you on your musical journey and get you jamming.
Running the Jam Band sessions have been such a blast. Seeing and hearing young people try out all types of instruments and seeing their faces light up when something magical or unexpected happens is just amazing. We are running Jam bands for you. Its happening now this week and more and more all the time so tell your friends, book a slot and get Jamming.
Dennis, Mark and I are running Jam Bands sessions in Ballina Saturday April 9th and 23rd so book your slot here .
Written by Jam Band tutor Anthony Mc Namee

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