Jam Bands Mayo – WOW!

What an Easter break Ballinrobe community school had this year! Wall2Wall Music were in town doing what we do best – transforming an empty room into a living / breathing hub of creativity.

With us were 22 fantastic young people and 9 budding Jam Band tutors all from Co.Mayo. They came in a bunch of nervous individuals and over the week transformed into a well oiled creative collective with a maturity that gave the adults in the room plenty to smile about!

We spent the week challenging their instrumental playing, musicality and ensemble awareness – as well as producing 2 big group pieces and 4 cracking small band songs! Very quickly the young people became comfortable putting forward their own ideas to the group in the form of lyrics, melodies, riffs, bass breaks and all manner of musical madness. They really were a testament to the creative minds and musical talent that exists in Mayo!

But we can’t possibly sum up this incredible week in just words. So we put together this video, with musicians and tutors collaborating on music, video and lyrics. Check out these little gems of creativity and fun we captured on camera, and the wealth of talent we were working with!

Often on these intensive creative weeks it can feel like an anticlimax after the performance – you’ve created some fantastic music, rehearsed and performed it, and then it’s gone. This time around though with the upcoming jam sessions it feels like this was a big kickstart to a wider picture of young people jamming and creating music together across the county of Mayo.  If you are a musician at any ability level then check out your nearest Jam Band Session

Playing with others in a relaxed setting is an invaluable way to develop your musical skills – if you don’t believe me then check out these killer songs, performed live by the Jam Bands musicians, written over only a few hours!

Large ensemble pieces and live improvisations from the performance coming soon. In the meantime, well done to everyone involved. Jam Bands Mayo – WOW!

Feargus Murphy, Wall2Wall Music

More songs below written by newly formed groups during Easter Jam Band!


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